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About us

We specialize in helping you find the perfect filming locations for your productions in Slovakia. Our team has knowledge in scouting for various kinds of productions, including films, TV shows, events and commercials. Get in touch with us and experience the difference of working with talented and creative location management company.


Our Services

We offer a variety of professional scouting and location management services, suitable for all formats and industries. Our team members will go out of their way to meet your unique production needs. Take a closer look at what we provide, including preselection from our archive, scouting new locations, management during the shoot or providing base camp and equipment hire.


Location Library

Loads of experience from previous projects mean plenty of scouted locations. We could create location preselection from our archive. If you want to learn more about our Location Library service and how it can be customized for your production needs, contact us today.


Location Scouting

We take your production requirements very seriously. That’s why we will leave no stone unturned and do all that’s necessary to make sure that your expectations are fulfilled. There is a huge amount of not discovered locations by filmmakers in Slovakia, waiting for your project.

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Location Management

We have a lot of experiences with negotiating location agreements, making arrangements with local authorities, planning unit move logistics, organizing security or clearing up afterwards in the highest standards.

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Base camp and equipment hire

We can hire in anything required and we also have a useful amount of location equipment in-house. We could provide portable generators, Easy-up tents, portable toilets, make-up mirrors, tables & chairs, heaters, signage etc.


Patrick Horváth

Managing director & Location manager


Robert Šohajda

Location manager


Peter Bezák

Location manager


Matej Čutka

Location manager 


Dominik Szombath

Location scout


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Address: Revolučná 3533/13, 821 04, Bratislava, Slovensko

Phone: +421 907 234 000

IČO: 52 13 45 98

DIČ: 21 20 91 22 22

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